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Advanced and Patented Heat curing proofer, seen by the report Chemistry for any weather as the Technology to use for garment proofing.

Easy to use in the same cycle as the down cleaner. 75ml is enough for one machine cycle.

Restores originally performance to outerwear and the Ecological choice.

Eco friendly PFC Free Proofer

300ml Four wash bottle.


Many down filled items have a DWR treatment of the external face, this is to protect both the user and the performance of the down filling. Wet down is worse than no down. After a while the DWR starts to age and loses its water repellent properties. The item needs re- proofing when water doesn’t form as drops on the fabric. Re-proofing can be done at home, by the domestic user with a simple wash in product. Our ECO Down Proofer is designed to be used in the same washing cycle as the Down Cleaning, saving on water and power. The ECO Down Proofer requires a tumble dry, ensure a Down filled item is fully dried in the dryer as this helps with the performance of the down filling and reduces the chance of smelly Down. This proofer is also PFC free, and is seen to be the choice product by many brands and environmental reports for its Eco status.
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