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Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't you have different products for different fabrics?
Our formulation has been designed to work on all textiles, this make your product choice simpler and saves your money in the long run as you can mix garments on the washing machine. Our Cleaners and Proofers work on your waterproof fabric, fleece, cotton, softshell. The finished result can differ depending on the surface of the textile.
Can Storm Products be used on Gore-Tex® garments?
Yes, Storm products use chemical technologies which replicate those used in the original manufacture of garments which have Gore-Tex®, Sympatex®, eVent® and many other leading brand names as well as those lesser known membrane and coatings.
How much do I need?
We have developed our cleaning and proofing products based on a machine loading and not a number of garments. Each machine load requires only 75ml of each product, so depending on the size and weight of your garments you could treat two or three garments per wash. When it come to tent fabrics and our brush on products the recomendation is 15m2 -18m2 for synthetic down to 5m2 for the heaviest canvas's.
75ml or 1 1/2 caps?
When using our Wash in products the dosage is 75ml per machine load, this is easy to measure if using the one wash pack but for the 300ml four wash the dosage states 1 1/2 caps. This is measured by one full outer cap and then to the level of the inner cap.
How often do I need to reproof my garments?
The only real answer that we can give you here is to take a look at the fabric and when water touches the outer surface does it run off in beads or seem to soak in and darken the fabric. If the latter is visible then it's time to re proof.
Do I need to tumble dry my Garments to activate the proofing?
We give you the option you can choose from our range a product that air dries and does not require tumble drying or heat to activate to proofing, although you can speed up the drying time if you want to. Or our ECO heat curing product that does require tumble drying or ironing through a tea towel, this product will provide a long lasting and harder wearing finish, This is also noted by GreenPeace as the recommended alternative to Flourocarbon treatments.
Do I use more cleaning and proof product in hard water areas?
No. As our products have been developed to be pH neutral and don't break down or become affected by hard water, so there is no need to use different amounts in different areas, another good saving for those in most of us in this country.
What is your one wash system?
Our cleaning and proofing products have been designed to use the systems of your washing machine, and clean and condition in one cycle. Our cleaner (green cap) replaces your household detergent and our proofer (blue cap) replaces your fabric conditioner in the product tray of your washing machine. Set your machine off as per garment care labels and when your machine has finished your garments only need to dried, no need to set them off on another proofing cycle. Saving you huge amounts of water, energy and not to forget time.
Will I see any residue or colour change on my garments?
No. As our wash in products have never been solids and also are pH neutral they don't get affected by the pH level of the water being used which is often the cause of unsightly marks.
Can I use a household detergent to clean my jacket?
Not Really, as these can damage the surface waterproofing previously applied by either the manufacturer or yourselves. Household detergents are for more aggressive than specifically designed products for waterproof gear. If you have washed with a household detergent all is not lost, put your garments through a treatment cycle using Storm products and these will aid the removal of any detergent residue and also replace the surface waterproof finish to the garment. You may need to reproof your garment slightly than if no household products had been used.
Can I hand wash using Storm products?
If you prefer not to use a washing machine our products are suitable to be used in a bath, use about 100ml per fill (approx, 10litres), in other words, fill bath to just cover garments with tepid water. Agitate for a few minutes and rinse with clean water, follow by a proof mix if required.
Why do you have Silver in some of your products?
Silver stops bacteria breeding correctly by way of interfering with the reproductive cycle. By adding silver into some of our products we can produce products that use this antibacterial property for a hygienic benefit to you, not only does it help reduce odour but also the silver being a heavy metal helps regulate temperature, which why you will find silver in our deodoriser and also our base and mid layer treatment products to name two.
Why don't you use silicone in your tent proofing products?
Silicone is a good waterproofer, however we feel that it has other properties that we don't like; silicone changes the feel of fabric by leaving a slippery residue, which makes packing a tent away much harder. Should you need to repair a fabric that has been previously silicone treated, many adhesive products won't stick to silicone. Silicone leaves a visible residue when dry so when reproofing a large area a (wet edge) must be maintained to reduce that chance of unsightly patterns, this also makes part treating a no no. Our non silicone tent proofer leaves no residue that changes the look or feel of the fabric and dries without the need to maintain a (wet edge).
What is the difference between air cure and heat cure?
For the user it's a case of hanging your garments to naturally dry or to use a tumble drier or iron with a protective towel, once dried to activate the waterproof finish. From a technical point of view the heat cure range provides a superior longer lasting more resistant finish than our air cure but does require that extra process. From an ECO point of view the heat cure ECO Proofers are use chemistry that is recommended by Environmental groups as the prefered option, even though a heat cure is required. The final choice is yours.
Why should I clean and reproof my garments?
To maintain the maximum performance of your garments they need to be clean and repel water, if water is able to build up within the surface of the fabric "Wet Out" then any perspiration is unable to escape effectively, a condensation build up is noticed on the inside of the garments, also garments will become heavier and take longer to dry once wet. Cleaning the garment correctly will remove any dirty yet maintain any active DWR finish. DWR (Durable Water Repellency) is the finish to the fabric that makes water run off, should that finish become damaged or worn then water will soak in to the fabric, this is called "Wetting Out".
What temperature should I use on my machine?
Our products work equally well at 30° as they do at 40° or 50°, first think of the environment then check the care label of all garments to be washed. We would advise that a standard cycle be used rather than a time saving cycle, this allows more time for the product to bond to the textile of your garments.
What can I use in replacement to Mars Oil?
Unfortunately we are no longer able to manufacture the original Mars Oil, however we have manufactured some synthetic replacement products. Try Mars Leather Dressing or Mars Leather Balm.
What other outdoor and leisure gear can I care for with Storm Products?
We manufacture products for the aftercare for clothing, footwear, equipment all the way through to your bike visor and caravan; cleaners, waterproofers, deodorisers and conditioners there's even a sponge; check out our full product range for more information.
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