Our Story

Our Story

All of our products are made in England, and are suitable for the aftercare of all fabrics including Gore-Tex®, Sympatex® & eVent®. You can find our products both on-line or in stores across the world. From our head quarters in Derbyshire we develop, manufacture and distribute our products to exacting standards.

We Care

Each product in our collection is developed to meet a combination of strict performance & environmental criteria, based on the final use and application method.


Storm Care lead in the aftercare market because...

• We have regular concentrated dosage throughout the range

• Our products are suitable for all materials

• We have Abrasion resistant Eco Proofers

• One wash cleaning & waterproofing system

• Our product’s ingredients are exactly the same as those used when originally manufacturing garments

In-house design

Our in-house 2D, 3D design & production are able to work with you to put together a range of products & POS to suit any needs & almost any volume. This can be a couple of items to support key products with branded aftercare, a promotional line, or a full range of products to add a high margin aftercare solution in your brand.

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