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Since their discovery in the 1930’s the textile industry has been using PFC or Fluorocarbon based compounds to add a DWR (Durable Water Repellency) to items such as Outdoor Garments and Tent Flysheets. Fluorocarbons being seen to carry performance advantages over the previously used silicones, waxes and oils.


2012 saw the publication of “Chemistry for any Weather”, within this the PFC’s used in the manufacture of outdoor clothing and equipment was discussed and many brands have chosen to move from the controversial C8 to the less controversial C6 as it carries less of the concerning compounds.


PFC’s come in many forms, all slightly different from manufacturer to manufacturer and are used for different purposes. Storm have a place for the less controversial C6 within the collection where it is felt to be beneficial for it’s, fast drying, stain free and high levels of oil and dirt repellent properties. The C6 proofers used offer the lowest levels of potential risk being PFOA and PFOS free (the main compounds of concern). As with all Storm products user safety is of great importance, which is why all product data sheets are available on request. Where products are applied by spray application the triggers and aerosol heads are designed to ensure the particle size is large enough to not cause health issues when used as directed, all Storm aerosol sprays pass the TNO standard for safety.


From the outset, Storm has offered a range of repellent products for differing end uses and applications. One of these being the "Heat Cure Waterproofer" now known as Eco Proofer which was the first product introduced by Storm in 2003. To give it it’s full trade name, Bionic Finish ECO, it was noted, praised and recommended in the report “Chemistry for any Weather”. Thus putting our chemical choices at the forefront of the ecological spectrum.


Other benefits from this product, above and beyond its water repellent properties are a high level of resistance to abrasive damage, its ease of use and non-marking application. Many other products will affect the garment look and feel when treated and can often leave residues on machinery used.


Storm is very proud to be aligned with this significant industry report and is proud to have been working with this preferred chemistry for so many years. To underline this, 2014 saw the fresh face of Storm, launching a cleaner look, offering easy selection and the ability to choose the ECO product from the range, highlighted by the prominence of its new “ECO” icon.


Furthermore to support our Ecological positioning it is worth moving away from the chemical compounds offered by many competitors. The second benefit of the Storm “ECO” range is its ease of use in one wash cycle to clean and waterproof garments saving both water and energy. Thirdly the Storm products are concentrates using only 75ml per wash load reduces plastic content and the amount of water needlessly being shipped around the planet in bottles.


Storm would like to provide the following points

  • Storm have always had a completely fluorocarbon free waterproofing option with in the range
  • Any risks noted in any reports published relate to the treatments applied at point of manufacture.
  • All Storm products are PFOA and PFOS free.
  • ECO+ proofer is the PFC free ecological choice for the domestic user
  • Less risk of garment damge due to less washing required
  • Less water usage when using Storm products.
  • Less energy used when using Storm products.
  • ECO+ chemistry used by many leading brands for DWR due to its C zero, non-Fluorocarbon eco alignment.


For more information regarding Storm and our ECO+ Proofer please contact us:

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Phone: +44 (0) 1773 521 309

Address: Hockley Way, Nix's Hill Industrial Estate, Alfreton
Derbyshire, DE55 7FA
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