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Tips & Advice

How to get the most out of your Garments and equipment with Storm aftercare products

Garments - Machine Cleaning and Reproofing

Fasten zips and velcro tabs and ensure any loose sinch cords are returned into the fabric of the garments. Place your garments in the washing machine drum. We suggest to limit this to three jackets. Check detergent draw for any large deposits and remove, no need to spend hours removing the scum. Place the cleaner, Green cap, in the detergent compartment and the proofer, Blue Cap, if using, in the conditioner compartment. Set machine off as per garment care instructions, on a standard cycle. Wait for machine to do it's thing..... Once your machine has completed this one machine cycle, it's job is done, no need to set it off again! Take your garments out.

If you have used our air cure product, just hang your garments our to dry. When the garments are dry, they will be ready to use.
If you use our heat cure product, it is best to drip dry then tumble your garments to fully dry, or iron with the fabric protected with a tea towel. However you should always follow the garment care labels.


Garments - Hand Cleaning and Reproofing

Fasten zips and velcro tabs and ensure any loose sinch cords are returned into the fabric of the garments. Place your garments in the bath, or other suitable container. Fill bath with tepid water to just cover garment but not more than 25 litres. About 100ml of cleaner to the water and agitate with garments, rest for a few minutes, then agitate again. After 5 - 10 minutes empty bath and rinse garments. If choosing to follow with a proofing, refill bath again with tepid water (max 25 litres), 100ml of proofer and agitate and wait as before. Once you have finished it is worth rinsing down the bath if this was your domestic bath. Follow the dry instructions as for machine instructions above.

Garments - Base and Midlayers

The performance of these can be maintained and improved by replacing household detergents in the wash cycle with Storm base and midlayer treatment. Remove any large deposits from the detergent draw and empty 75ml into the detergent compartment, set machine off on a suitable cycle as per the care labels. Dry as per care labels

Footwear Cleaning

At the end of your walk use remove all clump dirt with a good bang, loosen any remaining dirt by rinsing with water and a small brush, eg nail brush. Once dirt solids have been removed apply Storm Footwear cleaner the the surface and work in with the nail brush, rinse off any remaining product and set aside for proofing / conditioning. To aid with membrane purformance and also to help keep boots heathly it is worth cleaning the inside of walking boots every so often, for this use a solution of Storm cleaner and shake around inside the boot, this helps lift any salts and dirt from the linings, if custom footbeds are used, these should be removed before cleaning the inside of your footwear.

Check label on proofing product as some can be applied to damp materials whereas other need the material to be dry. In any case allow footwear to dry naturally away from direct heat sources, and if you have cleaned the insides at the same time it is worth stuffing them with newspaper to help dry them, but do replace this newspaper regularly until dry. If you have had a foot infection or just smelly feet it is an idea to treat the inside of your boots with Storm deodoriser. Apply the proofing / condisitoning product as per instructions, removing any excess before finishing. Allow product to dry before using footwear again.


Footwear Conditioning / Proofing

Smooth Leather Footwear/Traditional Walking Boots
These are best cared for with a traditional leather cream, through light application to dry leather with a thin cloth and your fingers, the heat of your fingers will aid the cream being absorbed into the leather. Don't over apply, if solids can be seen on the surface, continue to work into the leather or remove excess. Storm leather cream can be left to a matt finish or polish to a shine. Application of the smooth leather conditioner can be used on damp leather. Work in/wipe off any excess product with a clean cloth and then allow to fully dry naturally.
Combination Footwear
Damp or dry footwear can be treated with Storm spray on waterproofer. This is required to dry for over 12 hours for the treatment to reach it's full strength. For a quicker proofing treatment, the Aerosol footwear waterproofer can be applied to dry footwear.
Suede & Nubuck Leathers
Allow to dry and brush texture of leather with a suitable brush before applying any care product. When dry, footwear can be treated with Storm's Waterproofer & Conditioner for Suede and Nubuck or Storm's aerosol Footwear Waterproofer.


Tents, Awnings and Covers

One of the first things to remember with both modern fabrics (and more so with traditional fabrics), is that you will always get condensation - and if incorrectly cared for, mildew. Once you have decided that it is time to reproof your home from home, you must carefully consider the most suitable products for the job in hand.

For all materials, synthetic or canvas, our Brush on waterproofer is ideal, or for small tents and covers, the 500ml Aerosol proofer is more suitable. For those of you turning back the clocks and returning to canvas and heavy cottons, our Canvas waterproofer is perfect.

We recommend cleaning and reproofing your Tent flysheet with the tent pitched - so that you can work methodically around it. Remove bird dirt and tree sap with a plastic scraper before using our fabric cleaner neat on the area. Continue the cleaning with a sponge or soft brush, with an amount of our fabric cleaner along with clean water. Rinse off once you have completed the cleaning, or in sections for large tents.

Allow the flysheet fabric to fully dry then apply in a methodic manner to the fabric with a brush, cleaning any runs with a clean cloth; this also help to ensure an even coverage. Also avoid and windows on the tent/awing. Allow to fully dry once again before packing away.

To waterproof Canvas, apply Storm's Canvas Waterproofer to either damp or dry fabric. This means the waterproofing process can begin before the fabric is dry from the cleaning process. Again this is applied with a brush for best results. Once dry, pack away.


When the end has to come!

Think about how you are going to dispose of you love item that served you well, the land fill? Many items have further life in them, think about using a system like Recycle Outdoor Gear or just passing it on through a local clothing or footwear collection bank.


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