Our formulation has been designed to work on all textiles, this makes your product choice simpler and saves you money in the long run as you can mix garments in the washing machine. Our Washing and Proofing products work on your waterproof, fleece, cotton, softshell fabrics. The finished result can differ depending on the surface of the textile.

Yes, Storm products use chemical technologies which replicate those used in the original manufacture of garments which have Gore-Tex®, Sympatex®, eVent® and many other leading brand names as well as those lesser known membrane and coatings.

No. As our products have been developed to be pH neutral and don't break down or become affected by hard water, so there is no need to use different amounts in different areas, another good saving for most of us in this country.

Our wash and proofing products have been designed to use the systems of your washing machine, so wash and proof in one cycle. Our wash (green cap) replaces your household detergent and our proofer (blue cap) replaces your fabric conditioner in the product tray of your washing machine. Set your machine off as per garment care labels and when your machine has finished your garments only need to dried, no need to set them off on another proofing cycle. Saving you huge amounts of water, energy and not to forget time.

The only real answer that we can give you here is to take a look at the fabric and when water touches the outer surface does it run off in beads or seem to soak in and darken the fabric. If the latter is visible then it's time to re proof.

We give you the option you can choose from our range a product that air dries and does not require tumble drying or heat to activate to proofing, although you can speed up the drying time if you want to. Or our ECO heat curing product that does require tumble drying or ironing through a tea towel, this product will provide a long lasting and harder wearing finish, This is also noted in environmental reports as the recommended alternative to Flourocarbon treatments.

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