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Here are some frequently asked questions that cover the usage of STORM CARE products.

Find the right product for your gear.

Why don't you have different products for different fabrics?

Our formulation has been designed to work on all textiles, this makes your product choice simpler and saves you money in the long run as you can mix garments in the washing machine. Our Washing and Proofing products work on your waterproof, fleece, cotton, softshell fabrics. The finished result can differ depending on the surface of the textile.

Can STORM CARE Products be used on Gore-Tex® garments?

Absolutely yes, STORM CARE products use chemical technologies which replicate those used in the original manufacture of garments which have Gore-Tex®, Sympatex®, eVent® and other membranes.

Do I use more cleaning and proof product in hard water areas?

The good news is no, unlike other products on the market our products have been developed to be pH neutral, they do not break down or become affected by hard water.

What is your one wash system?

Rather than having to wash first and then proof after, our unique system that means you can wash and proof in one cycle. Place the STORM CARE Wash in your washing machine just as you would a detergent and the STORM CARE Proof in place of a fabric conditioner. Set your machine off as per garment label instructions. When the cycle has finished all you need to do is dry your garment. Being able to wash and proof in one was cycle saves water, energy, time and our planet.

How often do I need to reproof my garments?

Over time, dirt and oil mask the water repellency treatment on gear, meaning it starts losing performance and absorbing water. When you get wet you get cold. It’s time to wash and proof you gear.

Do I need to tumble dry my Garments to activate the proofing?

For best performance the application of heat in some form is recommended as this activates the bond between the proofer and the garment. Read your garment label instructions, you may be able to tumble dry however ironing through a tea towel or leaving for an extended period in a hot room or on a radiator are suitable alternatives to tumble drying.

Inside out or Outside out, which way to wash?

Keep the outside of your garment on the outside when washing and proofing. Check the pockets, close all zips. Also ensure there is ample room within the machine drum, do not over fill the machine with garments, let the water flow fully around the garment, we suggest no more than two adult garments per machine cycle.

Can I use a household detergent to clean my jacket?

Household detergents are designed to wet fabrics, dislodging dirt and soiling. Residues of the detergent remain in the fabric after the wash to give an optically bright, clean appearance. These residues cause the surface water repellency to fail.

If you have already washed your garment with a household detergent all is not lost. Rinse the garment then put it through a treatment cycle using Storm wash and proof in one wash cycle to aid the removal of any detergent residue and also start to replace the surface water repellent. You may need to reproof your garment slightly more frequently than if no household products had been used.

Can I hand wash using STORM CARE products?

If you prefer not to use a washing machine our products are suitable to be used in a bath, use the suggested bottle dose per bath fill (20 litres max), in other words, fill bath to just cover garments with tepid water. Agitate for a few minutes and rinse with clean water, follow by a proof mix if required.

Why should I clean and reproof my garments?

It’s simple, water repellent gear keeps you dry.

When you are dry, you are warm, so can enjoy the great outdoors for longer.

After a lot of use or when your garments get dirty the DWR (durable water repellency) breaks down. Therefore allowing your garment to remain wetter for longer and subsequently you are colder. Storm enable you to replace the barrier, replenishing the DWR finish.

Hot Tips

We have lots of tricks to help care for outdoor gear.
Hot Tip #1 - Stop! Shake!
When tumble drying down filled gear, stop machine every 15 minutes, remove garments & shake to help separate feathers & increase their loft & performance. Remember to use Storm Care down balls to help. Drying down takes a long time, don't rush it.
Hot Tip #2 - Slow Dry
If water has gone over boot tops & into footwear, dry by filling boots with newspaper to absorb moisture - replace with fresh dry paper regularly, never force dry with heat!
Hot Tip #3 - Avoid Mildew
If your tent is wet when you pack it away, open it up as soon as possible & hang to dry in a room, shed or garage. Don’t forget, otherwise mildew will appear in the fabric which can never be removed.
Hot Tip #4 - Prevent Bacteria
With brand new footwear, use our deodoriser spray to prevent bacteria forming.
Hot Tip #5 - Quick Refresh
Sometimes you only need to clean and refresh your garment. A quick clean and dry will do. Only use a proofer when needed to add fresh repellency.
Hot Tip #6 - One Wash
Our wash and proof are designed to work in a single wash, this helps in many ways. Saves water, electricity and time, but also reduces the number of times your garments are put through the stresses of machine washing. Extending the life of your garment and reducing micro-plastics in waste water.
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